ePhone7 Version 2.0.6

New firmware version for the ePhone7.


Change Log


Below are the changes made in version 2.0.6:

  • Implemented a new SIP Stack for the ePhone7 to greatly improve performance and call quality
  • Improved the ePhone7 boot up to be more resilient towards service issues and provide more clarity of each step of the boot process
  • Improved the audio handling and volume to provide a more consistent experience
  • Improved VM database and UI performance
  • Fixed the ePhone7 ringing when doing a Page All
  • Fixed duplicated ringback when calling some carriers
  • Fixed Busy Lamp staying lit after a call
  • Fixed an issue where the phone would end a call to a busy line without playing busy tone
  • Fixed an issue where the VM detail screen would reopen when pausing from the VM list.
  • Fixed the icon to be highlighted when Dial Pad is selected.